Product module deployment support

Workbench support

To kick off with Workbench, you'll be provided with the following.

  • Access to the Root platform.
  • Access to the getting started guide and the Dinosure tutorial.
  • A typical programme plan, including our standard proposed activities and deliverables.
  • A typical Root product module technical specification template.
  • A standard testing plan that we require clients to complete prior to launch.
  • A pre-launch checklist that we require clients to complete prior to launch.


Root access

If you don't yet have access to Root and you're interested to play around or build a new insurance product, get in touch with us. If you're already on Root but stuck, reach out to us on our Community Forum and we'll get you back on the road soon.

Build considerations

Whether deploying a product module for the first time or evolving an existing one, the following are important considerations before you deploy your product to market:

Policy issuing flow including pricing logic, rating factors and validations configured
Administering existing policies configured including reactivations and alterations.
Automated actions for existing policies configured including lifecycle rules and anniversary logic.
Claims configured
Policy documents configured
Customer notifications configured
Billing configured
Data exports configured
API docs updated

Deployment support

We encourage our clients to follow our product module build standards guide to ensure products are robust and launch-ready.

Once a product module has been built and adequately tested, a product module deployment request can be submitted to our professional services team.

The deployment request should contain the following:

  • Your email
  • Desired date of deployment
  • Product module key
  • Description of updates
  • Link to the testing plan and results
  • Link to the pre-launch checklist

We will undertake a basic, high-level review of the deployment request within 3 business days of submission of the request (excluding the date of submission). The aim of this review is to ensure that product modules do not introduce any platform or security risks. The review will be limited to tests performed according to the testing plan and the test results.



Clients are responsible for end-to-end testing of their product module code. Should you require assistance or advice in building product modules using Workbench, our professional services team is available to quote for and assist you.

On approval, clients are informed and a go-live date and time are agreed. If any information is missing or the product module is not approved, we will provide feedback to the client via email.