Collections overview

How premium collections work on Root


Root natively supports premium collections, making it easy to start selling insurance. Premium collections are a fundamental part of any insurance operation. It requires delicate planning, careful testing and is a substantial operational overhead in an insurance business.

Root offers the following collection solutions:

  • Collection Modules
    Root enables clients to flexibly build any collection methods of their choice using our low-code Workbench and Collection Modules. Collection Modules are a set of features allowing you to define the full lifecycle of a collection on Root and integrate with any collection provider of your choice.
  • Manual EFT collections
    Root provides out-of-the-box tooling to manually record ad-hoc electronic funds transfer (EFT) payments made by policyholders on their policies.


Deprecated collection solutions

The following collection solutions are approaching end-of-life and will be replaced by collection modules:

  • Native Nedbank Debit Order collections
    Root has pre-existing banking partnerships and managed integrations into the South African banking environment to run debit orders. This makes it easier for you to run debit orders in the market without having to build your own infrastructure.
  • Custom payments integrations
    Root allows you to build custom payments integration to an external system that you control. Typically this would be an integration into a credit system, a central payments service built and managed by your team, or a 3rd party payments provider that’s not yet integrated to Root.