Product Builder Fundamentals Course

Welcome to the Root Product Builder Fundamentals Course. During this course, you will learn the ins and outs of the Root platform and become a skilled & qualified technical user of Root.

The goal of this course is to ensure that you’re familiar, comfortable, and competent with all the key pieces of building a Product Module on the platform, including best practices for common scenarios and designs.

Each part of the course covers a different pillar that needs to be in place when setting up and maintaining an insurance product on Root. The course is designed to encourage self-exploration and learning through engaging with the Root docs and guides.


  • A basic understanding of Javascript
  • A basic understanding of HTML & CSS
  • A basic understanding of Mocha and Chai (or the ability to read their docs)
  • A basic understanding of Git (clone, pull, push, pull-requests) and a GitHub account
  • Access to the Root platform (Get in touch with our support team to assist you with this if you don't already have it)

How the course works:
There are 8 parts to complete in sequence. Each part requires you to follow a few steps, learn, and explore concepts under that topic, and do some practical work to get hands-on experience.
Each part can be done in a separate git branch that’s based on the previous part’s branch.


How to get Root certified:

Get in touch with us if you would like access to support via Slack, and to become a Root certified builder. Becoming Root certified will allow you to be considered for contract work for our clients.


Note from the Root team:

We’re excited to have you on this journey of learning how to efficiently build products on the Root platform. Throughout the course, keep these tips in mind:

Don't rush – Take your time to understand each part thoroughly.
Collaborate – Root’s community team is here to assist, so don't hesitate to ask for help.
Test & iterate – Trial and error is a valuable learning process; this is a safe space to experiment.

If you ever have questions, concerns, or feedback, we’re just a message away and would love to hear from you! 🌱🚀👩‍💻👨‍💻


Watch our explainer videos:

Before you start with the practical part of the course, be sure to watch our series of explainer videos on YouTube.

They provide you with important context about the Root platform and how to build your insurance products with Workbench.
Check out our playlist on the Policy Lifecycle to learn more about how each section fits together. We also have videos on the different policy statuses on the Root platform, how premium collection can be configured, and how data management can be done as additional learning content.

What’s Next