Root facilitates complaints from inception to close, including everything from recording communication with the complainant to adding notes and documents. By processing all the complaint-related activity through the platform, we can ensure out-of-the-box compliance.

A complainant can be anybody that wishes to express grievances against the insurer. As complainants can be non-policyholders, the API accommodates complaints being linked to existing policies, as well as complaints that remain unlinked to policies.


Complaint received notification

You can configure and enable a "complaint received" notification in the customer notifications tooling to inform the complainant that the complaint has been received.

A few examples of complaints:

  • Complaints relating to the design of the policy, including premiums or related fees.
  • Complaints relating to information provided to policyholders.
  • Complaints around advice given by an intermediary relating to the product.
  • Complaints relating to servicing the policy, such as premium collection or lapsing of policies.
  • Complaints relating to complaints handling.
  • Complaints relating to non-payment of claims.

Lodging complaints

Customers can lodge complaints in a number of ways. It is your responsibility to make the complaints process explicit to your customers.

Methods for making a complaint include:

  • a form in your app or website (integrating into the API)
  • manually through the Root management dashboard

Complaints process

When lodging a complaint, a complainant will be defined as the person with the complaint. This can be any person with a grievance relating to the insurance product, whether they have a policy or not - therefore the complaint can be linked to a policy, but is not mandatory to do so.

Root accommodates adding any supporting documents or files to the complaint. Notes can also be added to the complaint to support the case.

Once the complaint has been lodged, the Root team is automatically notified, after which the process will be facilitated between Root and the license holder. Complaints must be resolved within a specified period of time as determined by the license holder. Once resolved, the complaint can be closed.

If the complainant is unsatisfied with the outcome of the complaint, the complainant may take the issue up with the ombudsman for further action. This process takes place directly between the complainant and the ombudsman and does not involve any further action on Root.