Part 7: Crafting documents and documentation

Useful documentation

Overview and success criteria
✅ The HTML document provided in the resources is added to the policy-schedule.html file.
✅ The necessary Handlebars are added to the document to pull in dynamic policy information.
✅ API docs are generated using rp generate and the payloads are added for quote, application and policy creation.


Watch our explainer videos:

Watch the video Policy Lifecycle: Documents to learn more about how documentation is configured on the Root platform:

To successfully have documents ready to send with comms events, follow these steps:

  1. Start by adding the code in dino-doc.html (from the resources) to the policy-schedule.html file in your Product Module.
  2. Replace all instances of handlebars that currently exists with with the correct parameters.
  3. Run rp generate -ad to create your API docs, and add the policy creation section after the application section.

Bonus: Communication events (email and SMS)
On Root, communications are sent by our event-driven notifications architecture, and the guide linked will step you through the process of working with our notifications tooling. This isn’t necessary to complete the course, but communication is an essential part of insurance and it’ll be a good thing to read through the aforementioned guide. We also have an explainer video on how customer notifications are configured on our YouTube channel.