Archived snapshots

Use data to access historical data that has been archived


In order to keep our databases performant and effective, we may archive historically inactive policies from time to time. This is applied on a case-by-case basis and we will communicate our intention before archiving policies in any organisation.

If any policies have been archived in your organisation, you will be able to access snapshots via Data Adapter. Snapshots contain all of your organisation’s data at a given point in time.

You can access an historical snapshot by prefixing the snapshot’s name to any table name. For example, whereas you would query current policy data using select * from policies;, you can query an historical snapshot using select * from snapshot_2023_06_01.policies;.

Joining current data to a snapshot

For historical analysis of an insurance book, it’s useful to combine current and historical data.

You can achieve this using a simple union and join, for example:

select * from policies
  union select * from snapshot_2023_06_01.policies sp
  full join policies p on p.policy_id = sp.policy_id
    where p.policy_id is null;

If you need any help interacting with snapshots on Data Adapter, reach out to [email protected].