Course overview

Part 1: Getting Set Up with Your First Product
In this section, you'll get acquainted with Workbench, and our development environment, and learn how to configure your product module.

Part 2: Generating Insurance Quotes
Creating accurate quotes is crucial in an insurance product. Pay close attention to data validation and quote creation processes.

Part 3: Issuing Policies
Here, you'll explore the creation of applications and policies. Ensure you understand the validation criteria and how they relate to the Root platform.

Part 4: Amending Policies with Alteration Hooks
Understanding alteration hooks is essential for policy management. Take the time to comprehend how these hooks work and how to implement them effectively.

Part 5: Lifecycle Hooks and Reactivation
Learn how to manage policy life cycles and policy reactivation. These hooks are pivotal for maintaining policies effectively.

Part 6: Scheduled Functions and Anniversary Logic
Scheduled functions and anniversary logic are integral for policy maintenance. Pay attention to how these work and leverage them for your product module.

Part 7: Crafting Documents and Documentation
Accurate and clear documentation is vital. In this section, you'll explore creating documents. Make sure your documentation is precise and thorough.

Part 8: Building a Claims and Payout Flow
Claims and payouts are critical components of insurance. Understand the flow thoroughly, and ensure your implementation aligns with industry best practices.