The basic setup and settings of a collection module are defined in the .root-config.json. The .root-config.json should resemble the following:

  "collectionModuleKey": "my_unique_key",  
  "collectionModuleName": "My Collection Module",  
  "organizationId": "1ded9b9b-7729-4e16-8536-ffccf18168b1",  
  "host": "", 
collectionModuleKeyString. The unique key used to identify your collection module across Root.

To link a collection module to a collection module, you need to update the .root-config.json in the collection module with this key in the collectionModules section.
collectionModuleNameString. The name of your collection module.
organizationIdString. The UUID of the organisation that owns the collection module.
hostString. For most collection modules, this is "". If you have questions about this property, please contact support at [email protected].