Workbench CLI tool commands

This guide covers the Workbench CLI tool commands available for building collection modules on Root:

rp clone -cm [api key] [collection module key]

This command creates a new directory and clones the draft version of your collection module from Root to your local machine for local editing. This command is only used once for the initial setup of your collection module on your local machine.

Use cd to navigate into the new directory in order to use the other commands.

rp pull

This command pulls all files and configurations of your collection module from Root and overrides the local files. By default, this command pulls the latest draft version, not the live version.

rp push

This command pushes all the local files and configurations to Root which create a new draft version of the collection module on the platform. You can issue policies and assign it to a collection module draft version over the API or on the dashboard in Sandbox. To deploy the draft version to live, please contact the Root team (they will review your changes and action the deploy).