Native debit order collections


Deprecated feature

Please note that this functionality is approaching end-of-life and will be replaced by collection modules. To enable debit order collections, refer to the collection module guides instead.

Root supports out-of-the-box managed debit orders in the South Africa region. Root maintains a direct integration with Nedbank’s CPS host-to-host debit order system, allowing you to link your Nedbank merchant account and seamlessly collect debit orders from any bank in South Africa.

This managed service makes it easier, faster, and lower overhead for your organization to run and manage debit orders. It does however require that you use one of Root’s predefined debit order billing strategies.

Root also offers bank account verification (BANV/AVS) as an optional feature. If this feature is enabled, the following checks need to all pass for the payment method to be verified:

  • Account exists
  • ID number or company registration match
  • Account is open
  • Account accepts debits


Other collection methods

If you are looking for bespoke premium collection strategies, see Collection Modules instead.