Document labels

Define a list of labels for supporting documents uploaded to a claim


As part of the claims workflow, Root enables the claims agent to upload supporting documents to the claim. You can configure a list of document labels, allowing the claims agent to easily categorise each supporting document.

The list of document labels manifests as a dropdown menu on the Root management dashboard. An “Other” option is included by default and does not need to be configured explicitly.



The list of document labels is configured as an array of strings in the root-config.json file) using the Workbench CLI tool, under the path

  "configVersion": "2021-05-09",
  "productModuleName": "Template Pet Insurance",
  "productModuleKey": "template_pet",
  "settings": {
    "claims": {
      "documentLabels": [
        "Claim form",
        "Proof of payment",
        "Full vetinary history"

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