Policyholder prefill from quote

Prefill policyholder fields with data captured in the quote step.


Using the policyholder prefill from quote feature, you can prefill policyholder fields in the personal details step with entries from the quote step. This ensures that customers only need to capture this information once, in cases where policyholder details are required for the quote generation. Using this feature, entries from the quote step will automatically carry over to the personal details step, streamlining the policy issuing process.


To prefill personal details from the quote step, add an outputPath value to the relevant fields in the quote schema. Set the outputPath to policyholder.<policyholder_attribute> and ensure<policyholder_attribute> uses the correct property of the policyholder object.

Below is an implementation example. The policyholder's first name is incorporated into the quote schema as a component. The outputPath is set to policyholder.first_name, which aligns with the first_name property of the policyholder.

      "key": "policyholder_first_name",
      "outputPath": "policyholder.first_name",
      "type": "text",
      "label": "Policyholder First Name",

In addition to pre-filling fields, you can also customise the display behaviour of the prefilled personal details fields. For more details, refer to the input fields section.

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