Setting up your Nedbank account


Schedule this step early

Setting up a merchant account at the bank takes a lot of time, and is usually a dependency that delays projects from go-live. We recommend starting the application process as soon as possible to prevent future project delays.

To use this integration, you need to have a Nedbank Merchant account set up. The Root support team can assist you in getting this done and linked up to Root’s CPS profile. This will allow the Root platform to send debit order and DebiCheck instructions on your behalf to Nedbank for processing.

Note that if your organization is not the regulated insurance license holder, you would need to consult with your insurer partner to what their account ownership requirements are. Most often, the merchant account needs to be in the name of the registered insurance license entity.


Ask Root support to link your merchant account

Contact the Root support team for assistance with setting up your Nedbank account and linking your profile to the Root platform.