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Access to the user requesting an alteration hook

Hi, During the validation and building of the alteration payload, is it possible to get access to the id of the user that is requesting the specific alteration? I want to send this id in the payload of a 3rd party call being made while building the alteration package.

Alteration hook info in webhook payload

Hi, We have a requirement to trigger an external action when a specific alteration is applied on a policy. We're currently using webhooks to drive these action, but in this case I want to know if a specific type of alteration was executed when listening to POLICY_ALTERATION_PACKAGE_APPLIED subscriptions. I see there is a `alteration_package_id` returned as part of the event. Is there a specific endpoint I can use to get more info on the specific alteration that was executed?

Two fields mapping to the same outputPath

Hi, I'm building an alteration hook whereby we want to change billing information. On the schema I have a field which could either mean company registration number or account holder id number, depending on a select box value. ```json,json Json { "key": "account_holder_id_number", "type": "text", "label": "Account Holder's ID Number", "outputPath": "bank_details.account_holder_id_number", "validators": [ { "validation": { "type": "za_id" } } ], "displayConditions": [ { "path": "id_type", "value": "za_id", "condition": "===" } ] }, { "key": "account_holder_company_registration_number", "type": "text", "label": "Company registration number", "outputPath": "bank_details.account_holder_id_number", "validators": [ { "validation": { "type": "required" } } ], "displayConditions": [ { "path": "third_party_account", "value": true, "condition": "===" } ] }, ``` When submitting the form there are certain case where, if the first field is not displayed, its value is being sent to the API. Is this a known limitation or a bug?

Hiding data on the policy summary screen

Hi, Is there a mechanism to hide specific pieces of data on the policy summary screen? We want to only let specific agents / admin personnel have access to specific fields stored against the `policy.module` . Would we be able to configure that somewhere or store the data in a specific way to enable this? Thanks

Bump all code except terms.pdf

Good day Is there a way to not bump the terms.pdf but only bump the code for a product module? The reason is we would have to keep previous business on the previous terms but still push them to any new code changes made. We can work around this when there are only 2 versions of a terms.pdf by doing a deploy with the old terms.pdf, bumping everyone and then doing another with just the new terms.pdf and not bumping but this adds overhead for all involved and only works for 2 versions, for 3+ it will not work.

Payload for policy_not_taken_up event

Hi, Please can you provide a sample of the expected payload for the policy_not_taken_up event? <> I'd expect the policy_id to at least be present. Thanks

Policy Document Helpers

Good day We see that a new feature has been released to allow sending of a policy document URL via a handlebars helper: <> We wanted to understand it before we start exploring it Can you please advise on these questions: 1. `Enable/Disable:` Do we need to enable it somewhere or ask Root support to? If we need to enable it how do we do this? 2. `Access:` once the document has been opened once can it be accessed again? 3. `Security:` is the only security the client's ID number or is there some sort of challenge response mechanism every time they open it? Is there a way to configure this? 4. `URL:` do we need to shorten the URL or is this handled already by using the helper? 5. `Product/Policy number and other variables in the name:` Do we need to target a specific product? Looking at a recent change after running the Root cli seems to have added some sort of policy number to the policy doc name in the Root config 6. `Notification:` What does this notification look like? The above docs mention a notification, not really sure if this is intended for the client or the insurer 7. `Revoke access:` is there a way to expire the link once it has been sent out? 8. `Cancelled/NTU:` can policies in an NTU/cancelled state still have their documentation accessed? Are there any other restrictions preventing access? 9. `Terms Document:` can terms be exposed this way (the docs don't mention it)? If so what value do we use? If not are there plans to expose this? 10. `Hook:` is there a webhook for this? 11. `Testing:` given there are only notifications in prod, what is the best way to test this feature?

Event webhook call digests not matching causing failed attempts

We are getting an issue on the webhook calls, where some requests are being authorized successfully and others not. We have determined that the issue occurs due to the request signature being passed in the request header from Root not matching the digest we generate on our end. This only happens sometimes, not constantly. We do have sample data if you need (not added due to sensitivity). On our end we consistently generate the digest in the same way for all incoming requests: 1. We take the incoming JSON object and serialize it to a raw JSON string. 2. We then create a HMACSHA1 with the webhook secret. 3. We compute the hash of the HMACSHA1 with the request body string (step 1), and convert it to a lowercase hex string, which gives us our digest. 4. We compare the digest to the request signature to determine if a request is Authorized. This appears to be an issue with how the digests are being calculated when the calls are made from the Root back-end. This is happening in production often and in the sandbox much less so. Any idea what this issue could be?

Can't issue policies in Sandbox

I'm getting an error trying to issue a policies in sandbox, getting: Oops, something went wrong! The error was: The target 'pdf-disabled-tt' could not be identified in the dom, tip: check spelling Please reload the page and try again, or contact [email protected] if the problem persists. Could you please advise? Thanks

Policy not_taken_up webhook

Is doesn't look like there are any webhook events (not a not_taken_up, policy_updated or anything else) triggered when a policy's status is set to not_taken_up - is this correct? If so, can we log a request to have a webhook event for when a policy is set to ntu?