Configuration & rules

The behavior of the billing engine needs to be configured for your desired payments integration setup.


Contact Root Support for setup

Setting up payment methods are not yet possible through self-help tools or Workbench. Please contact Root’s support for assistance to get your payment integration rules configured and set up.

Root has been designed to share the billing responsibilities between Root and your payments system. This is often required when there’s inherited logic defined in a legacy system that’s hard to change. For example, if the insurance premium collection depends on bespoke credit account statuses, you might want Root to sit back and wait for your instruction. Alternatively, you might want Root to run the subscription billing logic and tell your system what amount to bill each account every time.

The following configuration is required to be set when a new payment method is configured.

createPaymentsBoolean (default true). If true, the Root platform will generate payments inline with the billing settings for the product modules. If false, Root will not create payments and await your system’s guidance on when to create payments. This means the payment instructions step will be skipped.
allowPaymentImportsBoolean (default false). If true, this will allow Dashboard users to import payments via the Data import tooling. See CSV upload payment result updates for more information.
shouldDebitLedgerBoolean (default true). If true, Root will debit the ledger for every premium raised, else it would leave the ledger empty and rely on your system to debit the Root ledger.