Payment reversals

Reversed payments are recorded as new unique payments that offset the original payment, instead of an update to the original payment.

The differences on a reversed payment are as follows:

  • It’s a new payment entry with a unique payment_id.
  • The reversal payment has a payment_type of reversal.
  • The reversal payment has an amount equal to, but the negative, of the original payment.
  • The reversal payment will contain a reversal_of_payment_id field the references the original payment.

Example reversed payment on the Root dashboard.

An example of a reversal payment is shown below:

  "payment_id": "59286260-165e-4bd2-81ff-23eb424eec95",
  "policy_id": "33f6ef39-b842-446c-905e-2db10e02815b",
  "payment_method_id": "322dd656-7a7e-42aa-9cac-9625a3d6e772",
  "status": "successful",
  "amount": -50000,
  "description": "Reversal of Monthly Premium",
  "created_at": "2021-12-15T08:49:38.314Z",
  "created_by": {
    "type": "user",
    "id": "04f4c7aa-7bd9-439a-a76d-eb4166f31285"
  "updated_at": "2021-12-15T08:49:38.314Z",
  "payment_date": "2021-07-15T00:00:00.000Z",
  "action_date": "2021-07-15T00:00:00.000Z",
  "billing_date": "2021-07-15T00:00:00.000Z",
  "policy": null,
  "policyholder": null,
  "payment_method": null,
  "payment_type": "reversal",
  "premium_type": "recurring",
  "currency": "ZAR",
  "finalized_at": "2021-12-15T08:49:38.314Z",
  "finalized_by": {
    "type": "user",
    "id": "04f4c7aa-7bd9-439a-a76d-eb4166f31285"
  "collection_type": "other",
  "reversal_of_payment_id": "8836b7a7-ad1e-4e88-9c6b-8cab4cc21705",
  "app_data": null,
  "charges": []