Payment dates

Dates are used in various parts of the payments process. Below are descriptions of all the different dates you’ll see on individual payments and on payment batches on the Root platform.

Date nameDescription
billing_dateThis is the main date used for a payment. It’s the date on which the premium is intended to be collected; the date the customer specified.
payment_dateThis is the date the payment will go off on the customer’s card or bank account. It’s typically the same as billing_date, but might be a day earlier or later if billing_date falls on a bank holiday or Sunday (depending on the configured rules).
action_dateThis is the day the system will attempt to collect the money from the customer’s card or bank account, and is mostly the same as payment_date. With certain payment methods, such as Direct Debits or Debit Orders, it can be configured to attempt collecting a few days earlier than what the customer specified. The first day of this collection run is the action_date.
process_dateThis is the date at which the payment provider needs to process the payment. For payment methods such as Direct Debits or Debit Orders, banks need to process the payments a day or two before the intended action_date. For real-time payment methods like credit cards, this will be the same date as action_date
submission_dateThis is the date Root delivers the payment instruction to the payment provider. For payment methods such as Direct Debits or Debit Orders, banks don’t accept payment instructions on public holidays or Sundays. In these cases submission_date will be a day earlier than process_date, else it will be the same.