Quote package


quote_package_id string
Must be a UUID. Unique identifier of the quote package.
package_name string
The package name.
sum_assured integer
The maximum insured value in cents.
base_premium integer
The combined risk and platform fee in cents. monthly_premium should be calculated from this.
suggested_premium integer
The suggested monthly_premium amount in cents. This is the total premium for display to the customer.
module object
Custom, product-specific information saved to the quote for later reference. These parameters are set in the quote hook in the product module code.
input_data object
Quote input parameters as received over the create a quote endpoint.
created_at string
The date/time at which the quote package was created.
currency string
The currency used for the quote package, in [ISO 4217] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_4217) format.
billing_frequency string
The frequency at which the policy will be billed. See the billing settings guide for more details on the billing frequency.
product_module_definition_id string
Must be a UUID. Unique identifier of the product module definition associated with this quote package. If a policy is issued from this quote, this product module definition will be associated with the policy.


  "quote_package_id": "3822b8fb-43e7-43f7-94ad-63e94e6ce1e3",
  "package_name": "Theft + comprehensive",
  "sum_assured": 1199900,
  "base_premium": 14999,
  "suggested_premium": 18749,
  "module": {
    "type": "root_gadgets",
    "make": "Apple",
    "model": "iPhone 6S 64GB LTE"
  "created_at": "2023-02-03T11:17:09.747Z",
  "currency": "ZAR",
  "billing_frequency": "monthly",
  "product_module_definition_id": "4889a9e0-d5f9-4971-8ac2-2175a9d15477"