Payment update


payment_id string
Must be a UUID. The unique identifier of the payment.
status string
The status to which to create the payment.
failure_reason string
Required if status is failed. A description of the reason the payment failed.
failure_action string
The additional action to perform when processing a failed payment. block_payment_method: Set the payment method's verification status to blocked, and do not generate a retry. block_retry: Do not generate a retry payment (even if enabled in the product module settings). allow_retry: Generate a retry payment (if enabled in the product module settings). Note: The payment method will be blocked after 4 consecutive failed payments regardless. See the billing settings guide for more details on the number of consecutive payments allowed. This field will be required if status is failed, forbidden otherwise.
failure_code string
The failure error code.


  "payment_id": "96e06845-6d37-4dca-8859-9d8ed27dcf58",
  "status": "failed",
  "failure_code": "08",
  "failure_reason": "Account closed",
  "failure_action": "block_payment_method"