Create a policy receipt

Once a policy has been issued, it is important that a receipt is created which verifies that the new policyholder has received their actual policy. This receipt can either be in the form of a tracking pixel in an email which contains the policy document, or it could be a custom method (subject to approval).

To add a tracking pixel to a policy email, you create an <img/> tag which looks like the following:

  <img src="" />

Important to note is that the tag includes the policy version number and the policy unique identifier in the query string, while the image name that of your organisation_id.

Alternatively if you wish to use a custom receipt method, you can POST to the receipt endpoint. This endpoint accepts any valid JSON object, but MUST include the version number in the body. The body value should be any data which could be reasonably said to be evidence of the policyholder receiving the policy document.

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