call_id string
The identifier of the call.
created_at string
Time at which the call was logged.
call_status string
Either initiated, ringing, in-progress, completed, busy or no-answer.
direction string
Either inbound or outbound.
from_number string
The iniating number of the call.
to_number string
The receiving number of the call.
topic string
Either claims, complaints or general.
recording_url string
null is allowed. The URL of the recording of the call. This will be available if the call successfully connected and only once the call is completed.
call_duration integer | string
null is allowed. The duration of the call in seconds.


  "call_id": "d3d13c48-4dc3-4816-8d01-de3215878225",
  "created_at": "2017-10-16T10:12:02.872Z",
  "policyholder_id": "8349345c-a6c5-4bf9-8ebb-6bbfc1628715",
  "claim_id": "673b8081-9668-4136-97cc-6ae0debda083",
  "call_status": "completed",
  "direction": "outbound",
  "from_number": "0721234567",
  "to_number": "0821234567",
  "topic": "general",
  "recording_url": "",
  "created_by": {
    "id": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001",
    "type": "user"