Policy object


policy_id string
Must be a UUID. Object ID of the policy.
policy_number string
A shorter, human-readable policy identifier. This typically used in policy documents and customer notifications for ease of reference.
status string
The policy status. See the managing policies guide for more details on the policy lifecycle.
policyholder_id string
Must be a UUID. The system identifier of the policy's policyholder.
package_name string
The insurance package name.
sum_assured integer
The amount, in cents, of the maximum value insured.
monthly_premium integer
The total monthly premium, in cents, that will be billed to the policyholder.
billing_amount integer
The amount, in cents, that will be billed on the next billing run.
balance integer
The amount, in cents, that is owed on the policy. If the policyholder makes an adhoc payment to the policy, the amount is credited to this balance. If the policyholder defaults on a payment, it is subtracted from the balance. If the balance is found negative during the next billing run, the amount is added to the monthly premium, else the monthly premium is subtracted from the balance and the remainder is charged.
billing_day integer
null is allowed. The day of month on which the policy is billed. Should be between 1 and 31, or null. If it falls on a day that does not exist in the month (for example, 31 in February) the policy will be billed on the last day of the month. Setting this value to 31 will ensure that the policy is billed on the last day of every month.
billing_frequency string
The frequency at which the policy is billed. One of [monthly, yearly, once_off]. See the billing settings guide for more details on the billing frequency.
next_billing_date string
The next date the policy is due to be billed.
beneficiaries array
null is allowed. An array of beneficiaries. If null, the default beneficiary may be the policyholder if enabled in the product module settings. Some product modules may require adding beneficiaries to a policy for claims to be processed.

beneficiary_id string
Must be a UUID. The unique identifier of the beneficiary.
policyholder_id string
Must be a UUID. The unique identifier of the policyholder. Only relevant if relationship is policyholder.
type string
The type of beneficiary.
first_name string
The beneficiary's first name.
last_name string
The beneficiary's last name.
title string
The beneficiary's title.
gender string
The beneficiary's gender.
id object
(Individual beneficiaries only) The beneficiary's identification number, type and country.
date_of_birth string
null is allowed. The beneficiary's date of birth.
percentage integer
An integer representing the percentage of a claim payout that the beneficiary should receive. Note that the percentages across all beneficiaries should add up to 100%.
cellphone undefined
email string
The beneficiary's email address.
relationship undefined
company_name string
The name of the company that the beneficiary represents. Required when type = company.
registration_number string
The company's registration number. Required when type = company.
payment_details undefined

covered_people array
null is allowed. An array of covered people added to the policy.
base_premium integer
The amount, in cents, of the minimum allowed monthly premium fee. This includes risk pricing and platform fees.
claim_ids array
An array of claim ids of the claims linked to the policy.
complaint_ids array
An array of complaint ids of the complaints linked to the policy.
start_date string
Once the policy reaches its start date, cover commences and regular collection attempts can run against the policy (provided it has an active status). See the Managing policies guide for more details on the policy lifecycle.
end_date string
When the policy reaches its end date, its status will change to expired. Cover and collections will cease. Policies with no end date do not expire.
current_version integer
null is allowed. The current policy schedule version.
schedule_file_id string
null is allowed. Object ID of the policy document.
policy_schedule_uri string
URI to the policy document in PDF format.
terms_file_id string
null is allowed. Object ID of the policy terms document.
terms_uri string
URI to the terms document in PDF format.
policy_welcome_letter_file_id string
null is allowed. Object ID of the welcome letter.
policy_welcome_letter_uri string
null is allowed. URI to the welcome letter in PDF format.
policy_certificate_file_id string
null is allowed. Object ID of the policy certificate.
policy_certificate_uri string
null is allowed. URI to the certificate in PDF format.
policy_anniversary_file_id string
null is allowed. Object ID of the policy anniversary document.
schedule_versions array
The policy schedule versions for the policy. A new policy schedule version is typically created when the policy is updated.

version integer
The policy schedule version number.
created_at string
The date the policy schedule version was created.

created_at string
The time at which the policy was created.
module object
Custom, product-specific fields stored against the policy. These parameters are set in the policy issue hook in the product module code. They can be referenced in policy documents, data exports and external integrations.
app_data object
null is allowed. An object containing additional custom data for the policy.
created_by object
null is allowed. An object indicating the user or API key that created the policy.
scheme_type string
Indicates the policy scheme type, being either individual or group.
payment_method_id string
Must be a UUID. The ID of the policy's payment method, if set.
charges array
Whenever a premium payment is created (including reversals), a breakdown of the payment amount is calculated according to the charges stored on the policy. This allows the premium breakdown to be referenced in policy documents and disclosures, and in the policy's payment data. See the policy issue hook guide for more details on charges and commissions.

type string
Variable charges are applied as a proportion of the total payment amount. Fixed charges are applied as an absolute currency value in cents. The balance is the balance of the payment total after all charges have been applied.
name string
The name of the charge.
description string
The description of the charge.
amount integer
The charged amount. Required when type is fixed or variable. Either a proportion of the total premium (if type is variable), or a currency amount in cents (if type is fixed).


  "policy_id": "128ba0c0-3f6a-4f8b-9b40-e2066b02b59e",
  "policy_number": "1HFCT1CDBJ",
  "policyholder_id": "bf3ab7ce-064d-43b7-811d-0ecd9aca3daf",
  "status": "active",
  "package_name": "Theft + comprehensive",
  "sum_assured": 1199900,
  "base_premium": 14999,
  "monthly_premium": 50000,
  "balance": 0,
  "billing_amount": 50000,
  "billing_day": 1,
  "billing_frequency": "monthly",
  "covered_people": [],
  "start_date": "2017-10-05T00:00:00.000Z",
  "end_date": "2018-10-05T00:00:00.000Z",
  "current_version": 1,
  "schedule_file_id": "c85f1d4e-f09b-11ed-a05b-0242ac120003",
  "policy_schedule_uri": "https://sandbox.root.co.za/v1/insurance/policies/128ba0c0-3f6a-4f8b-9b40-e2066b02b59e/schedule/schedule_latest.pdf",
  "terms_file_id": "68c8b6e6-f484-11ed-a05b-0242ac120003",
  "terms_uri": "https://sandbox.root.co.za/v1/insurance/policies/128ba0c0-3f6a-4f8b-9b40-e2066b02b59e/terms/terms.pdf",
  "policy_welcome_letter_file_id": "d0864e70-f09b-11ed-a05b-0242ac120003",
  "policy_welcome_letter_uri": "https://sandbox.root.co.za/v1/insurance/policies/128ba0c0-3f6a-4f8b-9b40-e2066b02b59e/welcome-letter/welcome_letter.pdf",
  "policy_certificate_file_id": "1e527606-f09c-11ed-a05b-0242ac120003",
  "policy_certificate_uri": "https://sandbox.root.co.za/v1/insurance/policies/128ba0c0-3f6a-4f8b-9b40-e2066b02b59e/certificate/certificate.pdf",
  "policy_anniversary_file_id": "7e6d32c4-f484-11ed-a05b-0242ac120003",
  "schedule_versions": [
      "version": 1,
      "created_at": "2017-10-05T18:40:47.281Z"
  "created_at": "2017-10-05T18:40:47.281Z",
  "module": {
    "type": "root_gadgets",
    "make": "Apple",
    "model": "iPhone 6S 64GB LTE",
    "serial_number": "1234567890"
  "app_data": {
    "gadget_colour": "Space Grey"
  "created_by": {
    "id": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000001",
    "type": "user"
  "scheme_type": "individual",
  "payment_method_id": "e0b7b222-772f-47ac-b08d-c7ba38aa1b25",
  "charges": [],
  "beneficiaries": [
      "first_name": "Jared",
      "last_name": "Dunn",
      "id": {
        "type": "id",
        "number": "8704094800082",
        "country": "ZA"
      "percentage": 100,
      "relationship": "cousin_or_relative"