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Policy Document Helpers

Good day

We see that a new feature has been released to allow sending of a policy document URL via a handlebars helper:

We wanted to understand it before we start exploring it

Can you please advise on these questions:

  1. Enable/Disable: Do we need to enable it somewhere or ask Root support to? If we need to enable it how do we do this?
  2. Access: once the document has been opened once can it be accessed again?
  3. Security: is the only security the client's ID number or is there some sort of challenge response mechanism every time they open it? Is there a way to configure this?
  4. URL: do we need to shorten the URL or is this handled already by using the helper?
  5. Product/Policy number and other variables in the name: Do we need to target a specific product? Looking at a recent change after running the Root cli seems to have added some sort of policy number to the policy doc name in the Root config
  6. Notification: What does this notification look like? The above docs mention a notification, not really sure if this is intended for the client or the insurer
  7. Revoke access: is there a way to expire the link once it has been sent out?
  8. Cancelled/NTU: can policies in an NTU/cancelled state still have their documentation accessed? Are there any other restrictions preventing access?
  9. Terms Document: can terms be exposed this way (the docs don't mention it)? If so what value do we use? If not are there plans to expose this?
  10. Hook: is there a webhook for this?
  11. Testing: given there are only notifications in prod, what is the best way to test this feature?