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Prepopulating application schema data


After capturing the quote, I have the following (truncated) response from the getQuote hook:

    "quote_package_id": "115f1f1f-0870-49a6-8580-1197f1efb3d2",
    "package_name": "OneSpark Essential Funeral",
    "input_data": {
      "commencement_date": "2023-04-01T00:00:00.000Z"
    "product_module_definition_id": "b5389a08-94a2-4ed9-a9f9-7abe6d07668f"

On the application schema page (the page after the policyholder page). I'm trying to prepopulate the commencement_date. The relevant schema excerpt below:

    "key": "commencement_date",
    "type": "date-picker",
    "label": "Cover Start Date *",
    "outputPath": "commencement_date",
    "validators": [
        "validation": {
          "type": "required"

The way I'm interpreting the docs here is that the input_data object should make the page prepopulate the commencement date, but this is not working. The only time the mechanism seems to be working is when I navigate back after capturing the application fields, but then the input_data is set on the application, and not coming from the quote anymore.

Please advise.